Sacramento Zoroastrian Association is a non-profit organization and exempt for tax purposes per IRS.

In “February of 2010,” five Zoroastrian women from Northern California gathered together to respond to some of the community needs and established Zoroastrian Women Organization as a nonprofit corporation under the US government Section 501 (C) (3).
The limitation and the burden of not owning a permanent location made ZWO members to look into the possibility of purchasing a building. By being exempt, the organization was able to raise funds to make the down payment for urchasing the most needed building for community gatherings and classes through donations and fundraising events and obtain an 18 month, no interest $350,000.00 loan.
While this a great and exciting achievement which was not possible without the support and donations that was received from community members, ZWO still needed to successfully finish this project.

In order to expand and be able to attract a broader range of Zoroastrians and their support, community members voted to call the building “Zoroastrian Center of Sacramento” and change the organization name to “Sacramento Zoroastrian Association” By Law to open it to both Zoroastrian men and women Board members.

Some of the most important goals in this organization include but not limited to teach Zoroastrian thought, provide, develop, and promote social, religious and educational services, workshops, recreational activities in a way that promote self-esteem and self-confidence to the Zoroastrian as well as celebrating religious and cultural ceremonies, such as Norouz, Mehregan, Yalda and Tirgan, sponsoring events such as family picnic, religious classes, discussions, baking & cooking classes, sports programs and dance classes.
It is upon every Zoroastrian man and woman to rise up and help this organization to strive toward its goals to serve the Zoroastrian community and promote the Zoroaster teachings


Doing good to others is not a duty, it is a joy, for it increases your own health and happiness.

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