Dar e Mehr Project

As you may know, SZA has started to convert the smaller building on the south side of the property into a beautiful Dar e Mehr for the Greater Sacramento Community. This would not be possible without the generous donation of The Trustees of the Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong as well as tremendous support of community members who gave us helping hands by donating their time and effort.

The following is the timeline and status of the project. You can access the plans in progress at the bottom of this page.

02/15/2015 – Meeting with Mr. Gustad Irani
03/01/2015 – Conceptual design, 3-D renderings
3&4/2015 – Gathering estimates from contractors, finding architect
04/24/2015- Signing contract with architect
05/05/2015 – Preliminary architectural drawings for board review
07/13/2015 – Official submittal to Planning Department
10/14/2015 – Planning Department review and comments including public hearing
11/13/2015 – Official submittal to Building Department
11/20/2015 – Building Department review and comments
12/07/2015 – Fire Department review and comments
12/26/2015 – Asbestos survey report
01/20/2016 – Revised plans submittal to Building Department
02/08/2016 – Air Quality Approval
02/10/2016 – Fire Department Approval
02/12/2016 – Final submittal to Building Department – MP   T-A-E-SD
02/29/2016 – Construction Permit Granted
03/31/2016 – Construction Kick start