Sacramento Zoroastrian Association
Serving the greater Sacramento area within 12450.75 miles radius.

The Sacramento Zoroastrian Center, now known as the Sacramento Zoroastrian Association (SZA), was established in 2014. Our dynamic community covers an expansive area in Sacramento. We are dedicated followers of the prophet Zarathustra, wholeheartedly committed to nurturing the religious, social, and cultural facets of the Zoroastrian faith.

From humble beginnings gathering in homes, SZA has evolved to proudly possess our own Center and an Atash Kadeh, where local Mobeds (priests) preside over religious services, ceremonies, and rituals. Our dedicated executive board and committee members, covering areas such as youth, sports, religion classes, and religious services, provide leadership and vision for our rapidly expanding, engaged membership.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation for the years of hard work and unwavering commitment as we continue to grow stronger together. This website is a tribute to our active members, who play an integral role in making our community dreams a reality.

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